Strategic Land and Resource Planning
South Chilcotin Sustainable Resource Management Plan
Plan Overview
Status: Draft
Plan type: SRMP Sustainable Resource Management Plan
Land area: 170,407 ha
Region & District
Region: Cariboo
South Chilcotin Sustainable Resource Management Plan
Table of Contents
Appendix III - Target Analysis
Appendix XIV - Glossary
Geographic Location - v5
Base Map - v5
Big Basin - No Harvest - Goal 2 - v5
Biodiversity Landscape Units - v5
Range Units - v5
Mineral Placer Tenure - v5
Backcountry - v5
Recreation Corridors - v5
Visuals - v5
Viewpoints - Viewsheds - v5
Lake Classification - v5
Wildlife Habitats - v5
Bull Trout - v5
Access Management - v5
Sheep Habitat
Regional Contact
Robin Hoffos, Section Head, Habitat Management
400-640 Borland Street, Williams Lake BC
V2G 4T1
Overall Land Use Planning Contact
Resource Management Objectives Branch,
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
1520 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC  V8W 3K2