Publications | CIT Reports

The following CIT reports incorporate advice received through internal and external, independent peer reviews.

EBM Reports

EBM Framework Report ( 680 Kb)

Scientific Basis of EBM Report ( 1 Mb)

EBM Planning Handbook Report ( 6.4 Mb)

Hydroriparian Planning Guide Report ( 1 Mb)

Thematic Analyses

Ecosystem Spatial Analysis Report ( 1.2 Mb)

ESA Appendices ( 570 Kb)

ESA Maps 

Cultural Spatial Analysis Report ( 420 Kb)

CSA Maps and Tables 

Economic Gain Spatial Analysis Timber Report ( 2.2 Mb)

EGSA Timber Maps and Tables

EGSA Tourism Report ( 3.1 Mb)

Integrated Analyses

Institutional Analysis Report ( 1 Mb)

Wellbeing Assessment Report <not yet available>

Subregional Analyses

Ecosystem Trends Risk Assessment Report ( 890 Kb)

Management Reports

CIT Review Report ( 460 Kb)

CIT Experience: Recommendations on processes and structures for success ( 220 Kb)