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Seed and Vegetative Material Guidebook
Information for Update 9

August 12, 2005

 On May 1, 2005, the transfer limits described in the Forest Practices Code, Seed and Vegetative Material Guidebook (April, 1995) and its updates, were repealed and replaced with the transfer standards prescribed in sections 8.2 through 8.7, and 8.10 of the Chief Forester's Standards for Seed Use (refer to Guidebook Update #8, April 15, dated 2005) .

 Following the release of this amendment, it was noted that registered Interior Lodgepole pine (Pli) seedlots collected from the Rocky Mountain Trench could no longer be transferred as a superior provenance (B+) seed source.  Persons may have planted trees this past spring or summer, or ordered seedlings from these seedlots for planting next year, with the understanding they could transfer these seedlots more broadly as a B+ seedlot rather than as a natural stand Pli seed source.

 Update #9 to the Seed and Vegetative Material Guidebook, which was recently approved by the Chief Forester, allows persons to continue using lots previously registered as Rocky Mountain Trench Pli B+ seedlots in accordance with the limits prescribed for those seedlots in the Guidebook prior to May 1, 2005.  This amendment only applies to previously registered Rocky Mountain Trench Pli seedlots used on Code blocks.  The ministry intends to review the collection criteria and transfer limits for all B+ seed sources this year prior to recommending any subsequent changes to in the Standards.

 Update #9 also clarifies that transfer variances issues prior to May 1, 2005 remain in effect despite any changes which may have occurred to a lot's transfer limits as a result of replacing the transfer limits described in the Guidebook with those described in the Standards.

 Update #9 to the Seed and Vegetative Material Guidebook may be viewed and downloaded at: /tasb/legsregs/fpc/fpcguide/veg/seedtoc.htm

 If you have any questions regarding this guidebook amendment, or the Standards, please contact Brian Barber, Technical Advisor, Tree Improvement Branch, at (250) 356-0888 or by email (

 Please feel free to forward this notice to your staff or other interested persons. 

Yours truly, 

Dale Draper,
Director, Tree Improvement Branch
Ministry of Forests and Range