Soil Conservation Guidebook

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8 Stand management prescriptions

Determining the level of allowable soil disturbance requires first assessing the disturbance already created by previous harvesting and silviculture operations. The maximum allowable amount of soil disturbance specified should not be greater than that recommended for the Coast or Interior, as described in previous sections of this guidebook.

Where there is a significant amount of soil disturbance from previous forest practices, the acceptability of more disturbance from proposed stand tending treatments should be assessed. Measures should be implemented to limit additional disturbance as much as possible. This may involve, for example, using existing trails only and conducting operations on frozen ground or on a sufficient snowpack. Failure to consider the effect of previous activities on the soil or to implement mitigative measures may result in a cumulative soil disturbance much greater than the disturbance levels recommended for the Coast or the Interior.

Opportunities for the rehabilitation of previous disturbance should also be considered.

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