Generic Forest Health Surveys Guidebook

Table of Contents

Appendix 1
List of abbreviations used in this guidebook

.e00: ArcInfo export file

BCMOF: British Columbia Ministry of Forests

BEC: biogeoclimatic ecosystem classification

CFS: Canadian Forest Service

dbh: diameter at breast height

DM: district manager

FC1: forest cover map file (#1)

FDP: forest development plan

FIP: forest inventory planning

FIS: forest inventory system

FRGIS: forest resources geographic information system

FTP: file transfer protocol

GIS: global information system

GPS: global positioning system

ITG: inventory type group

L1, L2, L3: tree layer, 1, 2 and 3

LC: live crown

OPR: Operational Planning Regulation, (Forest Practices Code Act)

POC: point of commencement

POT: point of termination

PSR: pest survey rating

RIC: Resource Inventory Committee

SPI: survey for pest incidence

UTM: universal transverse Mercator (map grid system)

VG1: vegetation inventory map file (#1)

VIF: vegetation inventory file


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