Forest Fertilization Guidebook Table of Contents]

Appendix 5.

Additional references

The development of the Forest Fertilization Guidebook started with the existing section on forest fertilization in the B.C. Ministry of Forests Silviculture Manual. Information and guidelines from other reference material were incorporated to make the guidebook as all encompassing as possible. In several cases, however, the amount of detail required to describe a process or technique dictated that the reference be listed for additional information.

The following references can be used in conjunction with this guidebook:

Coastal fisheries/forestry guidelines 3rd edition. B.C. Ministry of Forests, B.C. Ministry of Environment Lands and Parks, Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Council of Forest Industries. October 1992. 102 p.

Biological sampling manual. B.C. Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks.

Ambient fresh water sampling manual. B.C. Ministry of Environment Lands and Parks, 2nd draft. 1994. 46 p.

Evaluating forest stand nutrient status. Ballard, T.M. and R. Carter, B.C. Ministry of Forests, Victoria, B.C. Land Management Report No. 20. 1985. 60 p.

Guidelines for the disposal of domestic sludge under the Waste Management Act. 1983.

Referenced guidebooks

Soil disturbance rehabilitation guidebook.

Establishment to free growing guidebook.

Stand management prescription guidebook.

Dwarf mistletoe management guidebook.

Community watershed guidebook.

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