Table 11. Recommended seral stage distribution for NDT3 (% of forest area within the landscape unit)

[a] The minimum requirement for the old seral stage is included in the “Mature + old” category.
[b] L designates the lower biodiversity emphasis option, I designates the intermediate biodiversity emphasis option; H designates the higher biodiversity emphasis option. Note: The lower biodiversity emphasis option was established based on the assumption that it would not be applied to more than approximately half of the area of any biogeoclimatic subzone within a subregional plan or forest district.
[c] BWBS with deciduous prominent.
[d] BWBS with coniferous prominent. Note: In much of the BWBS, commercial species are found largely or entirely on alluvial sites. In such cases, seral stage objectives should be applied to those commercial species stands separately from the adjacent upland forest.
[e] Those portions of CWH subject to regular extensive windthrow disturbance.