Soil Conservation Surveys Guidebook

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Appendix 6 Soil conservation survey field, calculation, and summary forms

Number Name Purpose/Comments
FS 880 HSP 96/9 Traverse Survey Field Card (double-sided) For collecting measurement data on roads, permanent logging trails, and pre- Code fireguards and backspar trails.
FS 885 HSP 96/8 Transect Survey Field Card (double-sided)

For collecting soil disturbance data in the NAR. Used for small and large area transect surveys.

FS 886 HSP 96/8 Landing Area Calculation Card (single-sided) For collecting representative width and length measurements, and calculating areas, for landings.
FS 889 HSP 96/10 Soil Disturbance Summary / Field Map (double-sided) Summary sheet for all soil disturbance survey calculations, including permanent roads and landings-for both small and large areas.
Back side used for sketching map of survey strata.
FS 895 HSP 96/10 Transect Survey Calculation Card, including Calculation Procedure (double-sided)

For calculating statistical information from FS 896 tally card. Confidence limits entered into FS 889 form.

Note: there is also an MOF spreadsheet program to do calculations-available from the Forest Practices Branch.

FS 896 HSP 96/10 Transect Survey Tally Card (single-sided) For transferring data from FS 885 field cards. Used to tally large area transect survey totals.
FS 897 HSP 96/9 Small Area Survey Calculation Card / Table of 90% Confidence Interval Half-Widths (double-sided) Summary card for small area survey of soil disturbance in the NAR (i.e., summary of FS 885 data).

Note: Forms can be downloaded or ordered through the forms index on Ministry of Forests website at: /isb/forms

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