Soil Conservation Surveys Guidebook

Table of contents

9 Site summary

9.1 Mapping

The site and survey data on the front of the Soil Disturbance Summary Card (FS 889; see Appendix 6) should be filled out if calculations are performed manually; however, it is not necessary if the survey results are calculated using the spreadsheet method.

A site map should accompany any spreadsheet summary or card summary. The back of the FS 889 summary card can be used for mapping or else a separate map could be prepared.

The requirements for site mapping follow.

Use maps of a suitable scale (e.g., 1:5000 or 1:10 000).
Indicate the map scale and north arrow.
Mark the transects and point spacing or the grid bearing and grid spacing.
Number the transects or the grid centres, landings, and haul roads in the same way they were numbered on the field forms.
Clearly mark the boundaries of treatment units or standards units (if relevant).

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