Soil Rehabilitation Guidebook

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Figure A2.2. Collecting and planting Populus and Salix unrooted cuttings
(from Beese et al., 1994, after Chatwin et al., 194).

Vegetation requirements:
  • Use dormant, previous season's growth.
  • Must have clean cuts with unsplit ends.
  • Must be straight, healthy and robust.
Cutting procedures:
  • Cut with a sharp knife or good quality shears.
  • Avoid the terminal top 10 cm.
  • Keep length of 15-20 cm or more.
  • Ensure mid-stem diameter is at least 2 cm.
  • Maintain at least two healthy buds.
  • Take cuttings just before planting or bundle and cold store.
Planting procedures:
  • Plant during dormant season.
  • Soak cuttings in water 24 hours before planting.
  • Plant with as little stem exposed as possible, but with at least 2 buds above ground.
  • Plant firmly so the cutting cannot be readily moved or pulled out.
Figure A2.2