Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations


Current projects at Upper Penticton Creek include:

  • The effects of high elevation forest cover on snow accumulation and melt
    Contact: Rita Winkler

  • The effects of logging on upland water yield and quality
    Contact: Rita Winkler

  • The effects logging on aquatic invertebrate ecology
    Contact: Brian Heise

  • The effects of climate and forest cover change on snowmelt-dominated water supplies in the Okanagan
    Contacts: Sarah Boon and Rita Winkler

  • Rainfall interception in young and mature conifer forests in the BC Interior
    Contacts: Dave Spittlehouse and Darryl Carlyle-Moses

  • The annual water balance of high elevation forests and clearcuts
    Contact: Dave Spittlehouse

  • Changes in channel morphology with logging in high elevation watersheds
    Contact: Tim Giles

  • The effects of road construction and logging on turbidity and suspended sediment in small headwater streams
    Contact: Tim Giles

  • Estimating groundwater recharge to a headwater catchment
    Contact: Diana Allen