Directory of Forest Research Test Sites in the Southern Interior Forest Region

Welcome to our directory of forest research test sites.
We hope that you will find it informative.


  • to provide a brief synopsis of the objectives, methods, results (if available), and location of each installation;
  • to increase awareness of the research sites and thereby assist us in protecting the installations in the field;
  • to provide you with a contact person with whom you can discuss the issues represented by each study.

Status Definitions:

  • Active: Work is currently underway on the project.
  • Dormant: Work is not currently being done but, since considerable work was conducted earlier on the site, the project is still considered to be of value.


The location maps in this directory are a compromise. We wanted to make compact files for speedy downloading, but we also wanted to make them legible. The two are not compatible. As a result the maps have been optimized for viewing on the screen. They are printable from your browser, but for field use, we recommend you transfer the information from the screen to an operational map. Some projects also have layout maps. These should print satisfactorily.


Many of the projects within these Web pages were supported by the Canada-British Columbia Partnership Agreement on Forest Resource Development (FRDA II).


If you find this directory useful we would like to hear from you. If you notice any errors or omissions, please contact us so we can correct or add as necessary. The best way to do this is to print the offending page and mark the necessary corrections on the hardcopy, and then mail or fax the page to us. With your help, we would like to make this document as error-free as possible.