Forest Sciences

The Forest Science Section of the Southern Interior Forest Region includes 18 experienced professionals with complementary job duties in consulting, research and extension in the disciplines of soil science, plant ecology, hydrology, geomorphology, silviculture, and wildlife ecology.

Our headquarters are located in Kamloops, but researchers are also located in Williams Lake and Nelson.  The broad geographic distribution of expertise enables scientists to conduct research that addresses local forest resource and management concerns throughout the southern interior.

The goal of the Forest Sciences program is to conduct research that advances our understanding of the effects of forest operations on a range of resources and processes and to apply the knowledge gained toward the development of sustainable forest management policies and practices in the southern interior.

Through strong links with practicing professionals, other government agencies, academic institutions, and the public, our research focuses on questions of scientific importance that also provides knowledge that is operationally relevant.  This, together with our roles in consulting and extension, gives us a unique perspective from which to provide a credible scientific basis for sound conservation and use of BC's forest and range resources.