Ministry of Forests

Cariboo Region Research Section

Plants of Northern British Columbia


From the first glorious fairyslipper orchids in the springtime to the last scarlet cluster of high-cranberries in the autumn woodlands, the plants of the northern interior British Columbia are a fascinating, ever-changing subject to reward the careful observer. Most of us learn about our native flora for sheer enjoyment. Others (e.g. Foresters) realise that the presence or abundance of certain key "indicator" species can tell them a lot about a site, and so give clues as to how it should be managed. Regardless of why you are interested in learning about native plants in the northern interior, one thing is certain - the closer you look, the more you’ll see. The large plants readily catch our attention, but mosses and lichens, which are abundant in the north woods, are small and frequently overlooked by most people. Those few individuals that do get down in their hands and knees to view them are well rewarded for their effort by the beauty and intricacies of these plants.

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