The West Arm Demonstration Forest

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The West Arm Demonstration Forest (WADF) is in the Nelson Forest Region. This 135,000 ha forest spans from above the shoreline of Kootenay Lake to the subalpine. The primary intent of this demonstration forest is to manage the landbase to protect resource values by applying and testing the newest concepts in forest management in an operational setting. WADF was established by the BC Ministry of Forests in 1992 in response to:

  • Public concern about forest management practices in the area.
  • Impacts these practices were having on non-timber resource values.
  • Interest of the District staff in trying new forest management concepts.
The WADF Working Committee is guided in its decisions by three main principles:
  1. Develop an effective and balanced total resource management plan, to guide sustainable and balanced resource use.
  2. Present a wide range of traditional forestry activities, as well as demonstrate new and innovative forestry techniques.
  3. Provide a readily accessible location for a variety of research activities and climate stations.

WADF seen from the south

Public Participation The objectives of the public participation process are to:

  • Involve stakeholders and the general public, on a consultative and participatory basis, in planning and operating WADF.
  • Enable other area residents and the general public to review and comment at the strategic planning level.
  • Seek new and more effective ways of public participation.

WADF Working Committee in the field.

Organization and Public Participation

Licensed water users have the opportunity to participate in the operational planning and monitoring of any activities within their watershed through their Watershed Committee. Road construction and harvest activities are proposed by the WADF Working Committee, and then proposals are sent to the Watershed Committee for consideration. Watershed Committees will oversee assessments for specific watersheds where operations are planned. Assessments will be completed prior to any work being recommended by the Working Committee. Watershed Committees may also carry out field inspections of these activities


For more information contact:
John Pollack, Forest Sciences Manager,
Nelson Forest Region,

Phone: (250) 825-1100

Bruce Fraser, Operations Manager,
Kootenay Lake Forest District,
Phone: (250) 825-1100