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RS-001 Growth of Juvenile Englemann Spruce on Skidroads (ESSFc  - Nelson Forest Region)

RS-002 Crop-Tree Thinning of Western Larch in Southeast British Columbia: 30-year Results

RS-003 The West Arm Demonstration Forest

RS-004 Revised Ecological Field Guide Now Off the Presses

RS-005 Recent Publications by Staff Researchers

RS-006 Overview of the SYTEPREP Computer-Based System (SYstem To Evaluate PRescription Effects on potential Productivity)

RS-007 The Effect of Plantation Density on the Growth and Yield of White Spruce: 32-Year Results

RS-008 The Relationship of Site Index and the Ecological Classification for our Forest Region

RS-009 A Quick Tour of the SYTEPREP Decision Aid

RS-010 Picloram Residues on Rangeland: A Project Review

RS-011 A Close Look at Wildlife Trees

RS-012 Introduction to the Armillaria Steering Committee and the Research Working Group

RS-013 Bat Research in the West Arm Demonstration Forest

RS-014 Natural Regeneration Under Partially Cut Stands in the ICH Zone

RS-015 Geographic Distribution of Armillaria Species

RS-016 The Life Cycle and Dynamics of Armillaria ostoyae

RS-017 Field Identification and Quantification of Armillaria ostoyae

RS-018 The West Arm Demonstration Forest - Research Update

RS-019 Recent Publications by Staff Researchers

RS-020 Preliminary Height Expectations of Englemann Spruce Plantations for Three Elevations in the Nelson Forest Region.

RS-021 Management options for Armillaria Root Disease

RS-022 Effects of Armillaria Root Disease of Forest Ecosystems

RS-023 Shelterwoods in Root Disease Infected Stands - Preliminary Results - EP1186

RS-024 Preliminary Height Expectations for Lodgepole Pine Plantations in the Nelson Forest Region

RS-025 Impacts of Spring and Summer Logging on Cavity-Nesting Vertebrates

RS-026 CASE STUDY: Establishing Wildlife Tree Patches in an Operational Setting

RS-027 Bats and Trees

RS-028 Impact of Harvesting on Habitat Use by Foraging Bats

RS-029 CASE STUDY: Patch Cutting in Old-Growth to Maintain Early Winter Caribou Habitat

RS-030 Shelterwood Harvesting in Root Disease Infected Stands - EP1186 Preliminary Results - Ice Road Site

RS-031 CASE STUDY: Helicopter Logging for Bark Beetle Control

RS-032 CASE STUDY: Partial Cutting to Restore Old-Growth Forest Conditions in the East Kootenay Trench

RS-033 Screening Trial for Herbicides Used for Repression Spacing in Lodgepole Pine

RS-034 CASE STUDY: Cable Harvesting a Strip Clearcut on Steep Slopes in an Old-Growth Interior Cedar Hemlock Forest

RS-035 Ecological Interrelationships of Three-Toed Woodpeckers with Bark Beetles and Pine Trees

RS-036 CASE STUDY: Patch Cutting in Old Growth to Address Concerns About Wildlife Habitat and Clearcut Adjacency

RS-037 CASE STUDY: Irregular Strip Shelterwood Cutting in a Viewscape.

RS-038 CASE STUDY: Harvesting Options in Highly Constrained IDF Stands in the Rocky Mountain Trench: Whitetail Brook, Invermere Enhanced Forest Management Pilot Project Area.

EN-039 CASE STUDY: Using Partial Cutting to Reduce Susceptibility of Mature Lodgepole Pine Stands to Mountain Pine Beetle Attack - Beetle Proofing.

EN-040 CASE STUDY: Commercial Thinning Older Forests in the Interior Cedar Hemlock Subzone.

EN-041 Partial Cutting Options in Hemlock-Dominated Stands in Southeastern British Columbia: The Selkirk College Woodlot Experience.

EN-042 Retrospective Evaluation of Log Landing Rehabilitation on Coarser Textured Soils in Southeastern British Columbia.

EN-043 Shelterwood Harvesting in Root Disease Infected Stands in Southeastern British Columbia: Post-Harvest Soil Disturbance - EP 1186.

EN-044 West Arm Demonstration Forest, Strategic Plan: Summary.

EN-045 Effect of Calcareous Soil Deposits on Underlying Forest Floor pH in the Rocky Mountain Trench.

EN-046 Tree Growth on Rehabilitated Skid Roads in Southeastern British Columbia.

EN-047 Establishing an Operational Trial of Soil Rehabilitation: Two Examples.

EN-048 Shelterwood Harvesting in Root Disease Infected Forests in Southeastern British Columbia: Post-Harvest Soil Compaction-EP 1186.

EN-049 Effects of Harvest Season and Root Rot Treatment on Sensitive Soils in the Rocky Mountains:Trial Establishment. EN049 as PDF file (113kb)

EN-050 How Light Conditions Affect Tree Seedling Performance in the Interior Cedar-Hemlock Subzone: Preliminary Results-EP 1191

EN-051 Shelterwood Harvesting in Root Disease Infected Stands in Southeastern British Columbia: Three-Year Results-EP 1186

EN-052 Using Hypholoma fasciculare Inoculation as a Means to Control Armillaria Root Disease on Calcareous Soils: Trial Establishment and Monitoring.

EN-053 Using Alternatives to Clearcutting in Viewscapes: Case Study in the Columbia Forest District in Southeastern British Columbia

EN-054 CASE STUDY: Patch Cutting in Old-Growth Forests to Maintain Caribou Habitat, 1997-99 Research Results

EN-055 More Accurate Biogeoclimatic Maps for the Arrow and Columbia Forest Districts in the Nelson Forest Region, British Columbia

EN-056 CASE STUDY: Using Partial-Cutting Timber-Harvesting Methods in a Sensitive Watershed in Southeastern British Columbia

EN-057 Partial Cutting Prescriptions in Constrained Areas: Implementing the Guidelines. EN057 as PDF file (230kb)

EN-058 CASE STUDY: Application of a Selection Silvicultural System in the ICHwk1 of the Columbia Forest District. EN058 as PDF file (166kb)

EN-059 Using PrognosisBC to Analyze Partial-Cutting Options over a Rotation. EN059 as PDF file (4395kb)

EN-060 Title to be assigned