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Mushroom Resources/Links

This page features links to mushroom-related research papers and other government resources. For links to the following, please check out the other pages on this site:

  • Fire maps and other maps
  • Mushroom picking and identification links
  • Road use advice
  • Camping/ recreation links
  • Fire prevention links

Botanical Forest Product Publications and Products (Ministry of Forests)

Botanical Forest Products in British Columbia: An Overview (Ministry of Forests, April 1995)

Non-Timber Forest Products - On-line Publications

Commercially Important Wild Mushrooms and Fungi of British Columbia: What the Buyers Are Buying (Ministry of Forests Science Program, 2003)

Mushroom Harvesting in the Cariboo Forest Region (Ministry of Forests, Research Section, 1995)

Ecological description and classification of some Pine Mushroom (Tricholoma magnivelare) habitat in British Columbia (Ministry of Forests, Research Program, 2001)

Ectomycorrhizal morphotype and mushroom ecology (The Date Creek Silvicultural Systems Research Project, Ministry of Forests, Northern Interior Forest Region)

Macrofungi of British Columbia: Requirements for Inventory (Ministry of Forests, Forest Science Program, 1997)

Mushroom Habitat Studies (Ministry of Forests, Forest Practices Branch, Silviculture Strategy, 1999)

Forest, Range & Recreation Resource Analysis - Botanical Forest Products (Ministry of Forests, 1994)

Stand Level Biodiversity Web Training Course: Fungi (Ministry of Forests, March 2002)

Effects of Alternative Silvicultural Treatments on the Diversity of Forest Fungi in the Roberts Creek Study Forest (Ministry of Forests, Forest Research, 2001)

Directory of Experts in the Identification of British Columbia Species (Ministry of Forests, Research Program, 1996)

Resources at Other Ministries:

Standardized Inventory Methodologies for Components of British Columbia's Biodiversity: Macrofungi (Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, Resources Inventory Committee Publications, 1997)

GLOSSARY - Macrofungi

Biodiversity Publications Catalogue (Government of B.C., 2001)

Grade 11 - Mycology (Ministry of Education, Integrated Resource Packages, 1996)

Commercial Mushroom Growing (Ministry of Food Agriculture and Fisheries)