Western Spruce Budworm 2013 Spray Program
Cariboo Treatment Areas

This page highlights the spray operations in the Cariboo Forest Region in 2013.  Other treatments in the Thompson Okanagan Region will also be carried out this year and links to these treatment plans are also provided.

2013 Spray Dates

Treatments were complete on June 28, 2013 for the year.  Each block only received one application.  Treatments plans for 2014 will be announced on the defoliator web site when they become available. 

Block number
Refer to reference map
Location Approx .Spray Date1 Date Sprayed
Williams Lk Minton Creek June 22 June 22 & 24
  Bald Mountain June 23 June 22 & 24
  Rock Lake June 22 June 23
  Mayfield Lake June 21 June 21
  Sting Lake June 23-26 June 21, 23, 27 & 28
  Gulatch Lake June 28 June 28
108 Mile Dog Creek June 27 June 27
  Exeter Lake June 28 June 28
  White Lake June 28 June 27
  Little Big Bar June 28 June 27
  China Lake June 26 -27 June 26 & 27


1 - Planned spray dates were approximate and may change at the last moment due to unsuitable weather conditions or changes in larval development rate.  The spray will be rescheduled for the next suitable day. 


Last updated on June 28, 2013
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