Western Hemlock Looper 2012 Spray Program - proposed spray dates


Thompson / Okanagan Region (click on link to see reference map)
Block # Location Date sprayed
WHL-6 Serpentine Creek East July 11
WHL-7 Serpentine Creek NW July 11
WHL-8 Serpentine Creek SW July 11
WHL-9 Mud Lake July 11
WHL-10 Mud Lake North July 11
WHL-11 Mud Lake West July 11
WHL-12 Mud Lake South July 11
WHL-13 Finn Creek Not treated (low larval #s)
WHL-2 Greenbush Lake East Cancelled
WHL-3 Greenbush Lake West Cancelled
WHL-4 Shuswap River ER East Cancelled

Kootenay Boundary - North of Revelstoke

July 6th - Yellow Creek blocks were completed (776 ha). Most of Bigmouth Creek was completed,
July 7th (a total of 3244 ha) - Bigmouth Creek, Pat Creek, and Downie Creek completed.

All Kootenay / Boundary Region looper blocks have been treated. 

Cariboo Region

No treatment required as no significant larval populations were located in the proposed spray blocks.

Last updated on May 24, 2012
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