within the
British Columbia Ministry of
Forests and Range

Why should you work for the Ministry of Forests? There are numerous reasons. Besides fair, reasonable compensation, the Ministry offers many employment enticements. Not to mention, we are a key member of the BC Public service which has made the list of BC’s Top 40 Employers. If you are looking for a rewarding, exciting and engaging place to work that allows you to achieve an attractive work-life balance and offers advancement opportunities, the Ministry of Forests is the right place for you. Have a look at what is offered and we look forward to hearing from you.

Compensation & Benefits
: http://www.bcpublicservice.ca/labour/TOC.htm

Time Off

  • Statutory holidays – gives you 11 days off each year to recognize special days
  • Vacation – gives you breaks each year beginning with at least 3-4 weeks
  • Special Leaves – allows you to take time away from work for personal matters
  • Maternity, parental and Pre-adoption leave – pays you a supplemental allowance above and beyond E.I. of up to 100% of your salary when you are caring for your newborn or preparing for an adoption to a possible maximum of 18 months
  • Sick leave – covers a minimum of 75% of your pay when you’re ill or injured and unable to work
  • Long term disability – pays a portion of your salary when you’ve been ill or injured for an extended time
  • Deferred Salary Leave Program - allows employees in the BC Public Service to defer between 10 to 33 1/3% of their gross salary to finance a future leave of absence
  • Other leave – bereavement, child illness, medical appointment, memorials, emergencies, wedding, moving, ETC. (from BCGEU collective agreement)


  • Medical Services Plan – covers your family’s BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) costs
  • Extended Health – pays a significant portion of your family’s healthcare costs not covered by MSP such as prescriptions, eye care etc.
  • Dental – pays a significant portion of your family’s regular and specialized dental care
  • Employee & Family Assistance – counselling services to help you and your family when the need arises
  • Workers’ Compensation – provides replacement income and covers health care costs when you’ve had an accident of injury at work


Assistance is provided to cover any out of pocket costs associated with trips made in attempt to find a place to live as well as for costs associated with moving. You will be provided an allowance to offset the costs of relocating to come and work for us.


To serve as income for when you retire, in addition to the pension you will receive based on your contributions to the Canadian Pension Plan, you will also receive a Public Service pension which can be up to 70% of your salary at the time of retirement. A special retirement allowance is based on your years of service.


  • Life – personal life insurance equal to three times your annual salary

- Spouse and Dependant – optional life insurance for your family members


Work Life Balance
Work Style

A comfortable average of 35 hours per week is required which is ideal for people who have multiple commitments outside of work. Work schedules are constructed given consideration to employee preferences and are typically posted two weeks in advance to give employees ample time to plan around other endeavours. Flexible work arrangements are also available to accommodate personal needs. Employees are supported in balancing their work and personal life. Employees receive recognition for work well done, as well as feedback and performance reviews. Teamwork is encouraged and employees have opportunities for input and the freedom to make work related decisions. Job sharing is also an option. The Ministry of Forests understands that people have many important priorities in their lives besides work and aspires to accommodate their employees.


Work Environment
“The BC Forest Service...A Proud Tradition of Service Since 1912”. Working for the Ministry of Forests is like being part of a family. You really feel like you belong to an important bigger picture. The results of your hard work and how it contributes are easy to see, and often acknowledged. Within the ministry there is a feeling of closeness and camaraderie among employees. Employees develop positive working relationships with their co-workers and work with each other in a spirit of trust, mutual respect and support. The benefits of interacting with the various social networks at the ministry are many. Meeting people who share similar professional as well as personal interests is easy. Expect to make new friends as well as form a business connection through workplace social interaction that will lead to great contacts for career pursuits. Work done in the Ministry of Forests is stimulating, interesting, and meaningful. The tools needed to do your job well are provided and you will work with and learn from some of the leading experts in their fields. You will be proud to work for the Ministry of Forests.


Wellness Program
The Ministry of Forests and Range Workplace Wellness Program strives to create a culture where employees are safe, recognized for their contributions and practice a healthy work/life balance.  The Wellness program achieves this vision through three main principles of a healthy workplace. Support healthy lifestyles, behaviours and coping skills for employees ; Foster a safe and healthy workplace and; Develop a positive organizational culture . The workplace wellness program concentrates on physical, social, spiritual, emotional, environmental and intellectual wellness. The goals of the program include improving individual’s health and morale, educate staff about the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve it, reduce absenteeism, increase ability to attract and retain staff, improve office working relationships and increase productivity. The Workplace Wellness Program at the Ministry of Forests creates a safe, fun, positive and healthful place to work.


Formal Rewards & Recognition

The Ministry of Forests appreciates, recognizes and acknowledges its employees’ hard work, dedication, loyalty and commitment. We encourage the development of work environments that are supportive, inclusive and exhibit a high degree of initiative, creativity, and teamwork, as well as collaboration with partners, clients and customers. To show this appreciation several formal awards are available for service time, improvement, contributions and achievement.

▪ Public Service Long Service Award – The Government of British Columbia honours public service employees for their years of committed and dedicated service. For 25 years of service, employee receives a framed certificate and a silver lapel pin. For 35 years of service employee receives a gold watch and for 40 years of service employee receives a crystal decanter.

▪ Employee Recognition - recognizes employees ideas and initiatives that improve operations or service

▪ Staff Appreciation Certificate - Ministry of Forests’ specific recognition for excellent performance.

▪ Improvement Awards Program - encourages employee ideas and team-based work process review projects with a view to improving operations, service to the public, and the work environment. Up to $2,000 per employee for achieved improvements with quantified benefits and up to $200 per employee for improvements with intangible benefits. 

▪ The Merit Scroll is an award given to recognise an employee’s exemplary work history of meritorious service to the ministry. It is a framed scroll signed by the Premier, Minister, and Deputy Minister. This award is only given at retirement, and the employee must have completed at least 20 years of service to government.


Learning & Career Development


Operational Training & Employee Growth

Upon starting in a new position the employee will participate in orientation. A “New Employee Handbook” is a tool used to assist new staff to become familiar with their roles, and the day to day operations of their work unit, office and the Ministry of Forests. Following orientation, training begins. You will receive the training required to be successful in your job. This could range from ATV operation training, to personal insight and development, to how to use specific software. There is mandatory training that all employees must complete, as well as developmental training that employees may take if interested, which helps to expand their skills. Some informal employee learning techniques used include coaching, job shadowing, learning networks and working groups.


Scholarship Program http://www.pacificleaders.gov.bc.ca/

Graduate Student Fellowship - The Pacific Leaders Graduate Student Fellowship will attract top-quality researchers to the BC Public Service while supporting research that benefits the province and addresses areas of skill shortage. Up to 20 fellowships of $20,000 each will be awarded each year to master's and PhD students, and Fellows have a career waiting for them in the BC Public Service when they graduate.

Loan Forgiveness - Consider dedicating a portion of your career to the BC Public Service after graduation and we'll show our commitment to you by forgiving your BC Student Loan at the rate of one third of the total per year.

Scholarships for Public Servants - The BC Public Service is a place where employees get the support they need to build a rewarding and dynamic career. Across the BC Public Service, employees now have access to at least 75% tuition and books coverage for programs aligned with government's current and future skill needs.

Scholarships for Children of Public Servants - Up to 60 scholarships of $2,500 each are available for children of BC public servants who are studying full time at a designated post-secondary institution in BC.


Mentoring Program

As a part of the Forest Service tradition, learning and passing on knowledge has always been important. Ministry of Forests is moving to a time where many of their long-service employees are preparing for retirement and new employees are being introduced to the Forest Service at a very rapid pace. Therefore, the importance of bridging past practice with future direction has become even greater. The focus of the mentoring program is to assist in more efficiently helping you reach your full potential. Improving operational training and developing core competencies is the goal. We provide assistance to help protégés and mentors get appropriately matched. Opportunities for feedback to make sure expectations are being met are provided. Both the mentor and protégé are expected to benefit from the program. Successful mentoring relationships support the ministry to grow both professionally and personally. There are broad mentoring opportunities within the ministry which include participation for employees at all job levels; the auxiliary workforce and retirees.


Training Opportunities & Career Advancement

Using an ‘Employee Performance & Development Plan’, you can identify your career goals for the future, when you first get hired. If you have bigger aspirations than where you first start, opportunities for advancement or branching out are plentiful. In the Ministry it is important that employees are motivated and satisfied with their jobs. Managers will support the direction that you wish to go, and do everything possible to provide you with the required training to achieve your goals. The Succession Planning Knowledge Transfer Program (SPKT) is one initiative the ministry takes in attempt to fill vacancies and advance interested employees. There are two streams of candidates. The Near Job Ready stream is designed for employees who are ready for advancement within 1-2 years and who are looking to advance their skills and competencies by gaining hands-on experience. The Developmental stream is intended for employees who have high potential for advancement within 3-5 years and who wish to develop their skills through training and development.