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Research Extension Notes (Smithers Office)

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Extension 01 Introduction to Forest Sciences Extension Notes.
Biodiversity, Silviculture, Wildlife, Ecosystem Management 02   (183k) Principles of Patch Retention Harvesting.
Hydrology, Geomorphology 03   (123k) Rainstorm and Flood Damage: Northwest British Columbia, 
1891 -1991.
Geomorphology 04   (439k) The Mink Creek Earthflow.
Biodiversity, Ecosystem Management 05 How Much Habitat is Enough?  Assessing the Risk.
Silviculture 06   (146k) Growth of Planted Lodgepole Pine and Hybrid Spruce Following Chemical and Manual Vegetation Control on a Frost-Prone Site.
Hydrology, Geomorphology 07   (172k) The Watershed Assessment Procedure.
Forest Growth, Soils 08 The Relationship Between Soil Structure and Tree Productivity.
Ecosystem Inventory and Classification, Extension 09 Site Identification and Interpretation in the BWBS and MH Zones: An Update.
Forest Biology, Silviculture 10   (48k) Genetics and Seedling Biology of Sitka Spruce and Hybrids.
Hydrology, Geomorphology 11 Suspended Sediment Survey in the Nilkitkwa and Nichyeskwa Watersheds.
Silviculture, Extension 12   (142k) The Size and Age Structure of Mature, Mixed-Species Forest Stands in the ICH Zone.
Forest Biology, Soils 13   (455k) Soil Biodiversity.
Silviculture, Extension 14   (222k) Characterizing Old Growth and Strategies for Old Growth Management.
Wildlife Habitat, Hydrology, Biodiversity 15   (473k) Riparian Management and the Tailed Frog in Northern Coastal Forests.
Biodiversity, Silviculture, Wildlife Habitat 16    (39k) Bird Use of a Patch Retention Treatment in SBSmc Forests.
Soils, Silviculture, Extension 17    (32k) Alleviating Compaction of Medium-Textured Soils with the Winged Subsoiler.
Hydrology, Geomorphology 18    (359k) Floodplain Erosion Hazard Mapping Zymoetz (Copper) River, Terrace, B.C.
Hydrology, Geomorphology 19    (46k) Assessing Gullies.
Soils, Geomorphology,  Ecosystem Management  20   (283k) Earthflow Generated Wetlands.
Silviculture, Extension 22    (68k) Stand Structure and Height Growth Patterns of Mature, Mixed-Species Forest Stands in the ICH Zone.
Forest Growth, Soils, Silviculture 23   (200k) Excavator Mounding in the Bulkley and Kispiox Forest Districts.
Forest Growth, Silviculture, Soils, Geomorphology 24   (232k) Soil Nitrogen and Lodgepole Pine Seeding Responses to Five Years of Legume Cover.
Forest Biology, Soils, Timber Harvesting, Biodiversity 25   (166k) The Effects of Timber Harvesting on Mushrooms and Mycorrhizae of the Date Creek Research Forest.
Ecosystem Inventory and Classification 26   (133k) Historic Disturbance Rates for Interior Biogeoclimatic Subzones of the Prince Rupert Forest Region.
Forest Growth, Silviculture, Soils 27   (126k) Effects of Broadcast Burning on Fuels and Soils Properties after Ten Years.
Silviculture, Soils, Forest Growth, Geomorphology 28    (52k) Site Preparation Alternatives to Broadcast Burning.
Silviculture, Soils, Forest Growth, Geomorphology 29   (310k) Does Soil Resettling Occur After Decompaction?
Silviculture, Hydrology, Geomorhology, Forest Engineering 30   (395k) Tributary Alluvial Fans.
Wildlife Habitat, Silviculture, Ecosystem Management 31   (148k) Why Do Partial Cutting?
Fish Habitat, Timber Harvesting, Hydrology, Geomorphology, Forest Engineering 32   (503k) Eulachon: A Significant Fish for First Nations Communities.
Biodiversity, Ecosystem Management 33   (480k) Antique Forests and Epiphytic Macrolichens in the Kispiox Valley.
Ecosystem Management, Soils 34   (149k) Pine Mushroom Habitat in the Prince Rupert Forest Region.
Geomorphology, Extension 35   (207k) Tsunamis on Troitsa Lake, British Columbia.
Silviculture, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Management 36   (147k) Winter Nesting Habits of Northern Flying Squirrels in Sub-Boreal Spruce Forests.
Wildlife Habitat, Silviculture, Ecosystem Mangement 37   (226k) Effects of Silviculture Systems on Arthropod Community Structure: Contrasting Clearcut and Patch Retention Harvests in High Elevation Forest.
Forest Growth, Soils, Silviculture, Timber Harvesting, Ecosystem Inventory and Classification, Ecosystem Management, Hydrology 38   (308k) Pattern, Process and Productivity in Hypermaritime Forests:  The HyP3 Project.
Silviculture, Hydrology 39   (207k) Basin Hydrology and Canopy Interception in Hypermaritime Forests:  Issues and Approach.
Soils, Ecosystem Management 40   (150k) The Effect of Refuge Trees on a Paper Birch Ectomycorrhiza Community.
Hydrology, Geomorphology 41   (402k) The Next Big Storm or Flood.
Geomorphology 42   (880k) Donna Creek Washout-flow
Geomorphology 43   (393k) Outburst Floods at Tulsequah Glacier; Northwestern British Columbia.
Forest Growth, Soils, Silviculture, Ecosystem Management 44   (253k) Excavator mounding to enhance productivity in hypermaritime forests: Preliminary results.
Forest Growth, Soils, Silviculture, Ecosystem Management 45   (233k) Seedling nutrient response to soil mixing and mounding treatments on a lower productivity hypermaritime site in north coastal British Columbia.
Geomorphology 46   (489k) Catastrophic Rock Avalanche: Howsen Range, Telkwa Pass.
Geomorphology 47   (806k) Sackungen on a Forested Slope, Kitnayakwa River.
Forest Growth, Soils, Silviculture, Timber Harvesting, Ecosystem Management, Hydrology 48 (248k) The Oona River Operational Research Trial
Forest Biology, Hydrology 49 (230k) Canopy Interception in a Hypermaritime Forest on the North Coast of British Columbia
Forest Biology, Soils, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Management 50 (588k) Moss Growth, Production, and Paludification in the Hypermaritime North Coast of British Columbia
Ecosystem Management, Hydrology 51 (176k) Surface Water Discharge and Groundwater Storage Patterns in a Hypermaritime Bog Near Prince Rupert, B.C.
Forest Biology, Forest Growth, Ecosystem Inventory and Classification, Ecosystem Management 52 (371k) The Blanket Bog - Upland Forest Complex of North Coastal B.C.: Succession, Disturbance and Implications for Management
Soils, Forest Growth, Silviculture 53 (63k) Sulphur Fertilizer Trial in the West-Central Interior of British Columbia
Soils, Hydrology 54 (229k) Soil Biogeochemical Dynamics in Hypermaritime Ecosystems of North Coastal British Columbia
Hydrology, Timber Harvesting 55 Rainfall and Runoff Patterns in Two Hypermaritime Watersheds on the North Coast of British Columbia
Silviculture 56 (248k) Seedling Browse Guard Trial on the North Coast of British Columbia

Research Notes (Prince George Office)


Testing Silviculture Systems for the ESSF: Early Results of the Lucille Mountain Project


Shelterwood Partial Cutting in Interior White Spruce: Two year results of a Case Study at Aleza Lake, BC




The projected impacts of different biodiversity emphasis options on some forest bird species in the Sub-Boreal Spruce (SBS) zone.


Lessons from Wildlife: Managing the Pattern of Forest Harvest


Boreal Long Term Soil Productivity Study


Understanding Soil Productivity & Site Disturbance: The SBS Long-Term Soil Productivity Study


Use of Wildlife Tree Patches by Forest Birds in the Sub-Boreal Spruce (SBS) Zone


The Bowron River Watershed


Ecological Roles of Sitka Alder in a Young Lodgepole Pine Stand


Operational considerations for underplanting hardwood stands with white spruce


Experimental Project 660 - Overview of three experimental installations – A 30 year Progress Report


Experimental Project 660 30 Year Progress Report Buckhorn Installation


Experimental Project 660-30 Year Progress Report for the Bobtail Road Installation, Cluculz Lake


Experimental Project 660 – 31 Year Progress Report for the Chilco Creek Installation, Vanderhoof Forest District


Reports of the Forest Resource and Practices Team Prince George Forest Region


Using Sheep for Vegetation Management In Boreal White Spruce Plantations


Regenerating Boreal Mixedwoods: Initial results of a Group Shelterwood Silviculture System in Trembling Apsen – White Spruce Stands


Soil Rehabilitiation in the Prince George Forest Region: A review of two decades of research


Experimental Project 1077- The Siphon Creek Mixedwood Trial: The Use of a Simple Height-to-Diameter Ratio to Predict the Growth Success of Planted White Spruce Seedlings beneath Aspen Canopies


Soil Rehabilitation Research at the Aleza Lake Research Forest: Techniques for restoring productivity to fine-textured soils


Selection silviculture systems in mountain caribou habitat: Logging and learning at Pinkerton Mountain


Group Selection in Old Cedar Hemlock Forests: Five year Results of the Fleet Creek Partial-cutting Trial


Brushing Trends in the Prince Geore Forest Region from 1988 to 1998


Management of Sitka alder and Willow: A Strategy to Minimize Loss of Habitat and Maximize Benefit to Long Term Soil Productivity


Ten Year Results of the Bear Mountain Mixedwood Trial (EP 1077): The Effect of Overtopping Apsen Canopies on White Spruce Seedling Growth and Seedling Microclimate


Regenerating Boreal Mixedwoods: Three – year results of a Group Shelterwood Silviculture System in Trembling aspen – White spruce Stands


The Citizen – A Living Laboratory – The Natural History of a Mixedwood Forest

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