Omineca, Peace, & Skeena Regions: Research Sections

About Us

The Research staff of the new Omineca, Peace, and Skeena Regions are located in three offices - Prince George, Dawson Creek, and Smithers. 

The mandate of the Research Section is to help provide innovative solutions to high priority problems in forest resources management, and to promote resource stewardship based on sound scientific principles. 

The sections have expertise in the major disciplines of ecology, climatology, geomorphology, hydrology, silviculture, soils, and wildlife.  Training, consultation, and extension services are provided in all areas. Research staff stay current in their areas by conducting field experiments, retrospective studies, and operational trials, by maintaining contacts with their peers and by being active members of the general scientific community.  Most staff play active roles on local, regional, and national committees and are members of professional societies. 

Research results and recommendations are passed on to the appropriate areas through consultation, steering committees and workshops, journal publications, land management handbooks, field guides, and extension notes.


Staff Information

A directory of the Research staff, by department, is given below with links to  descriptions of their areas of expertise and educational backgrounds.  On the left side of this page, under Research Section, links are provided to some of the major research field experiments underway in the Regions.  If you would like further information on any aspect of our program, please contact the appropriate researcher from the list below.

Department Staff Location
Ecology Bruce Rogers Prince George 
Climatology Vanessa Foord Prince George
Geomorphology Marten Geertsema Prince George
Matt Sakals Smithers
Hydrology John Rex Prince George
Dave Wilford Smithers
Silviculture Dave Coates Smithers 
Richard Kabzems Dawson Creek 
Phil LePage Smithers
Soils Stephane Dube Prince George 
Wildlife Dale Seip Prince George 
Doug Steventon Smithers
Provincial Staff Will Mackenzie Smithers 


What's New?

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