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Forest Management Leadership Teams

As part of the Coast Region Operation Issues Forum's (OIF) 2009/10 "Quick Win" initiative, it was recognized that the root of many forest management issues is an improperly functioning professional reliance model. At the request of the OIF, members of CRIT were invited to develop resolution option(s) to address this finding.

A working group of CRIT members joined forces with other professionals to develop and implement an action plan. The focus of the effort was to:

  1. Build a better understanding of how the professional reliance model should be used to support forest management decisions and administration and;
  2. Develop structural tools to strengthen the trust and relationship culture necessary to support the professional reliance model

To meet these goals, the working group developed and delivered district "Forest Management Leadership Team Building Sessions" across the Coast Forest Region in the winter/spring of 2010. The presentation was developed and delivered as a joint effort between the government, industry and professional association members.

The bulk of the presentation provided detailed background on how the professional reliance model should function in order to increase understand. Interaction between the presenters and participants was encouraged to aid in building understanding.

As part of the presentation, participants were tasked with forming a district issues management team. These teams are designed to bring professionals together to 1) address and find local solutions to forest management implementation issues across all business areas and perhaps more importantly 2) work together as professionals to develop the trust and relationships necessary to support a fully functioning professional reliance model.

CRIT will be taking the role of supporting the establishment of these teams with the goal of achieving the type of success that CRIT enjoys.

In an effort to promote communication, share in successes and avoid duplication of effort, the CRIT has developed an FTP site that houses FMLT outputs by district, listing of FMLT membership and quarterly FMLT update summaries.


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