Resource Planning Working Group

The Resource Planning Working Group (RPWG) was established in 2009 to address FRPA implementation issues related to operational timber development and forest resource management. The RPWG is represented by members from the MFR, BCTS and industry that have significant experience and/or interest in operational planning and practices. The RPWG deals with operational planning and practices issues as directed by the broader CRIT.

    1. Early in 2010, the RPWG completed and got endorsement of terms of reference from CRIT. In an effort to spread the word about this group, CRIT endorsed a RPWG announcement document that was sent out to a broad group of forest practitioners around the coast.

    2. The March 2011 Summary of Cedar Management Considerations for Coastal British Columbia discussion paper recommended that government and licensees jointly develop and apply a protocol to monitor and assess harvest profiles. At the request of the Coast OIF, the RPWG developed the Coastal Timber Harvesting Monitoring Protocol in response to recommendation #2 of the discussion paper. Appendix ll- Technical Supplement contains information on the data sources and compilation methods used to prepare the timber harvest profiles for (TSAs).

    The protocol describes a consistent methodology for using the most appropriate information to produce a standardized harvest profile report for comparative purposes. The outputs are intended to help resource managers focus on the most relevant information about harvest profile performance and to identify harvesting trends or outcomes that require additional analysis. In support of this project, Harvest Monitoring Case Studies were completed for the Mid-Coast, Kingcome, North Coast, Queen Charlotte (now Haida Gwaii) and Strathcona Timber Supply Areas. For more information about these case studies or the project, contact Chuck Rowan, Silviculturalist, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations at (250) 751-7096 or

    3. The Coast Region FRPA Implementation Team (CRIT) was tasked by the Coast Operational Issues Forum (OIF) to research the history of Allowable Annual Cut determinations on the coast. To this end, the Resource Planning Working Group teamed up with leading industry and agency timber supply analysts to produce the Coast Allowable Annual Cut Verification and Key Driver Review and Analysis (1975-2012) report. The goal of the report is to:

    b) Identify the primary (key) AAC drivers behind this decline, and

    c) Quantify the influence of the drivers through time.

    4. The Stewardship/Timber Harvesting Land Base (THLB) Stabilization Project Submission and Review Process. The Stewardship/Timber Harvesting Land Base (THLB) Stabilization Project is an opportunity to enhance competitiveness for the forest sector in the short term. The goal of this initiative is to improve stewardship and economic activity while optimizing constraint objectives on the timber harvesting land base.

    Stewardship THLB Stabilization Projects are administered as directed by the Chief Forester's Guidelines for Stewardship/Timber Harvesting Landbase Stabilization Projects, June 16, 2015 document. The Chief Foresters Guidelines includes an 8 step process for administering projects. The process is carried out by the respective FLNRO Regional Executive Directors based on input from one of the three area Operational Issues Forums. Supplemental process and products have been developed by CRIT to support the REDs and OIFs in their roles and responsibilities listed in the Chief Foresters Guidelines. Prospective proponents are encouraged to review the Chief Foresters Guidelines and the CRIT process and products when considering submitting a proposal under this initiative.

    Process and Products

    1) Stewardship THLB Stabilization Project Application and Evaluation Process

    1) Appendix A Submission Form and

    1) Appendix B Evaluation Form

Questions about the process can be directed to either of the CRIT co-chairs, Chuck Rowan, FLNRO at (250) 751-7096 or Joe Leblanc, International Forest Products at (250) 286-5148

For more information about the RPWG contact Chuck Rowan, Silviculturalist, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations at (250) 751-7096 or


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