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CRITCoast Region Implementation Team




Coast Region Implementation Team (CRIT)

CRIT is a team of forest resource practitioners working together within the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNR) West and South Coast Regions to achieve industry and government goals and objectives under the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA). The goal of CRIT is to resolve issues promptly and communicate solutions to practitioners and promote and support a spirit of cooperation, trust and innovation among forest practitioners. The CRIT works closely with the Coast Area Forest Management Leadership Teams (FMLT) and the Coast Operational Issues Forum (Coast OIF) to ensure implementation issues are resolved at the appropriate level.

Terms of Reference

From its inception in 2003, CRIT has been responsible for the development of its own terms of reference (TOR) with subsequent endorsement by FLNR and the Coast Forest Products Association (CFPA) senior management sponsors. For questions or comments regarding these publications, please contact the CRIT secretary.



The team includes representatives and their alternate representatives from the Ministry of FLNR, BC Timber Sales, the Association of BC Forest Professionals,-the Coast Forest Products Association (CFPA) and non-CFPA forest tenure holder members. The team is co-chaired by one FLNR member and one CFPA member.  Each member is responsible for communicating FRPA implementation issues and solutions between CRIT and the clients and constituents they represent.


Issues Submission

CRIT and FMLT provides forest professionals with a forum to identify and resolve forest stewardship planning and practices implementation issues at the regional and district levels.  In addition, CRIT works closely with the Coast OIF to identify and bring resolution to forest stewardship issues at the regional scale and identify issues and contacts for dealing with issues at the provincial scale.

To assist with identifying and submitting forest stewardship implementation issues, a Policy Initiation Form  is available to help document information necessary to communicate and address the issue. Forest planners and practitioners are encouraged to forward completed form(s) to the appropriate CRIT, FMLT or OIF issues management team representative. For questions or comments regarding how to fill out a policy initiation form, please contact the CRIT secretary.


What's New for September 2016

1. Membership Update

The CRIT membership listing has been updated due to participant changes that have occurred over the last year. Follow the links included in the Membership section above to access the most current membership list.

2. Meeting and Conference Call Minutes

CRIT has been active with meetings and conference calls through 2014 and 2015. Follow the CRIT Meeting Minutes link above to view a listing of meeting and conference call minutes.


3. Management of Hardwood Species

The Silviculture Working Group has developed the Hardwood Management in the Coast Forest Region Five Year Results (2009-2014) report. The objective of the report is to inform CRIT, Industry, the Chief Forester and others about the status of broadleaf management across the coast over the past 5 years. Follow the Silviculture Working Group link above to view the monitoring report results.


4. Single Entry Dispersed Retention Stocking Standard (SEDRSS) Framework Implementation Guide Update

The Silviculture Working Group has now completed an update to the September 2011 Single Entry Dispersed Retention Stocking Standard (SEDRSS) Framework Implementation Guide Version 2.0 to include a SEDRSS stocking standard for second growth coastal Douglas-fir Appendix 3: Coastal Second Growth Douglas-fir (Fdc) Retention Stocking Standard SEDRSS-Fdc (Appendix 3).

The attached SEDRSS Appendix 3 incorporates new Deviation from Potential (DFP) tables, which have been calibrated for coastal second growth Douglas-fir stands in the Coastal Western Hemlock and Coastal Douglas-fir biogeoclimatic zones. Follow the Silviculture Working Group link above to view the updated Implementation Guide.


5. Stewardship/Timber Harvesting Land Base (THLB) Stabilization Project Submission and Review Process

CRIT Resource Planning Working Group has developed project submission process and products supplementing the Chief Foresterís Guidelines for Stewardship/Timber Harvesting Landbase Stabilization Projects, June 16, 2015 document. Follow the Resource Planning Working Group link above for more information.

 Feedback & Contact Information  

If there is a forest stewardship implementation issue that you would like to be brought to the attention of CRIT, or for information about upcoming meetings and conference calls, contact your CRIT representative by following the Membership link above or contact the CRIT secretary.

Chuck Rowan, CRIT Secretary
Telephone: (250) 751-7096