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Watershed Restoration
For further information contact Tom Millard, M.Sc., P.Geo. Tom.Millard@.Gov.bc.ca ,  Bill Floyd, M.Sc., RPF William.Floyd@gov.bc.ca or David Campbell, M.Sc., GIT. David.Campbell@gov.bc.ca


Effectiveness Evaluation of Road deactivation techniques on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Authors: Dunkley, J., Wise, M.P., Leslie, M., Collins, D.
Subject: Effectiveness Evaluation
Series: Extension Note
Other details: EN-020 March 2004.


Road deactivation for hillslope restoration: lessons learned on the Escalante Watershed Restoration Project.

Authors: Wise, M.P., Leslie, M., Horel, G., Collins, D., Warttig, W.
Subject: Deactivation
Series: Proceedings
Other details: Procedings, Land Reclamation Geotechnique, Vancouver Geotechnical Society Symposium, May 2001.


Stabilization of Unstable roadfill using explosives: A case study from McNaughton Creek, B.C.

Authors: Muir, W.C., Wise, M.P., Erickson, D., Collins, D.A.
Subject: Deactivation
Series: Proceedings
Other details: Proc. of IUFRO International Mountain Logging and 10th Pacific Northwest Skyline Symposium. Corvalis, Oregon. 1999.

Landslides and road deactivation. (Powerpoint presentation).

Woody debris in gullies. (Powerpoint presentation).

Gully rehabilitation: Objectives and Methods. (Powerpoint presentation).


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