Research Section - Projects


The Coast Region research team is a multi-disciplinary group of scientists engaged in applied research, training and consultation in support of district and regional forest service operations. The research scientists conduct a wide range of projects, both short and long term, to address high priority issues and to provide expert opinion, insight, and innovative solutions to operational staff.


Current Projects

A brief list of some of our current projects. For more information Click on the Research Discipline.


  • BEC
  • TEM
  • Old Growth Stand Structure and Composition
  • HyP3
  • Coarse Woody Debris

Ecosystem-based Management


  • Gregory Creek
  • Landslides and Road Construction


  • Precipitation Data


  • Single Tree and Group Selection
  • Boston Bar Partial Cutting Study
  • Vegetation Management
  • HyP3
  • Coarse Woody Debris
  • Roberts Creek Study Area
  • Ecosystem Recovery
  • Partial Cutting
  • Prescribed Burning and Thinning in the IDFww

Tools and Applications

  • Assessing Landscape Characteristics from High-Resolution Satellite Imagery


  • Spotted Owls
  • Marbled Murrelet