Landslides Triggered by Road Construction in Organic Soils on Gentle and Moderately-Steep Slopes

ObjectivesLandslide and Road Construction

  • Promote awareness of the problem
  • Provide detailed description of the problem
  • Review of historic landslide events in organic soils
  • Examination of triggering mechanisms
  • Provide detailed description of site conditions most prone to landslides during road construction.
  • Provide operational guidelines for road construction in similar site conditions.
  • Establish contact person for BCTS to report future events to and seek operational guidance.
  • Create database for ongoing monitoring of any future slides.


  • Increase awareness and understanding of problem
  • Provide detailed operational guidelines to prevent future landslides.
  • Improve worker safety.
  • Decrease road construction and site rehabilitation costs.
  • Ongoing monitoring and research to continue to provide improve understanding and guidance.

Anticipated Schedule

  • Background research completed by Sept, 2006
  • Draft report completed and peer reviewed by Sept. 30, 2006
  • Extension note sent to BCTS operational staff by Nov., 2006