Coast Forest Region Research Section - Tools and Applications

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There continue to be significant advances in technology which can be of direct benefit to forest resource management. One of the research section's aims is to be responsive to these rapid advances and changes in specific areas and to test and demonstrate their effectiveness for forest resource management.



A 2001 pilot study assessed the use of IKONOS optical satellite data for resource management purposes. This was followed up with a project utilizing sub-metre Quickbird imagery for:

An ongoing project is testing the use of high resolution optical imagery for change detection purposes.



Forest resource management requires effective use and management of information. The research team is maintaining a research archive database which lists location and current status of each research installation in the region. This database is intended as a quick reference on the location of research plots and individuals/agencies responsible for these installations.

The section has also developed a research/extension project tracking database, which maintains a permanent record of the objectives, methodology, outputs, history, location and researchers involved over time in individual or integrated projects.

A Landslide Management System database was developed in conjunction with the Engineering Section of the Coast Forest Region. This enables both administrative and technical information to be systematically tracked, managed and analyzed.

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Dr. Rod Negrave, P.Ag., RPF Research Manager Tel:(250) 751-7160
Management and coordination of the Coast Region Research Team. Development of extension activities to provide solutions to forest resource management issues. Research and consultation on watershed management and effectiveness monitoring, Tools and Applications (remote sensing, and geoscience).