Coast Forest Region Research Section


" help provide innovative solutions to high priority forest management problems in British Columbia and to advance resource stewardship based on scientific principles."



The Coast (formerly Vancouver) Region of the B.C. Forest Service employs a core team of researchers to study all aspects of forest management in the region. Other regions in the province employ similar groups.

The Coast Region research team is a multi-disciplinary group of scientists engaged in applied research, training and consultation in support of district and regional forest service operations. The group covers a wide range of disciplines including forest ecology, wildlife habitat ecology, hydrology, soil science, geomorphology and silviculture systems.

The research and extension conducted by the research section helps provide the knowledge to ensure the use of appropriate forest management practices for long-term sustainable forest management. It directly supports long term Goal 1 of the Ministry, namely,

  • Conserve and restore biodiversity of forests and grassland ecosystems;
  • Ensure forest and range management maintains water quality and quantity; and
  • Ensure forest and range management maintains soil quality and quantity.

The Coast Forest Region Research section is a member of the Forest Research Extension Partnership (FORREX) (formerly known as the Southern Interior Forest Research and Extension partnership). This cooperative organization was renamed to reflect its expansion to encompass the coastal area delineated by the Coast Forest Region boundary.

Funding for the research conducted by members of the group comes from a variety of sources. Research project funding is based on ministry base funding and the Forest Investment Account (FIA). FIA is a provincial government mechanism for promoting sustainable forest management in British Columbia. The Forest Science Program is one of seven areas of FIA investment and is administered by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Other funds partially or wholly external to the ministry e.g. South Moresby Forest Replacement Account (SMFRA) also provide funding for projects.


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January 2011

  • Campbell, Roberts, Schwab and Millard, 2010.  Landslides in Organic Soils on Forested Slopes
    To promote awareness about land slides in organic soils on gentle through moderately steep slopes, provide details on site conditions
    • associated with landslides in organic soils, and provide alternative management
    • strategies to manage the risk associated with road construction and timber harvesting in areas in which organic landslides could occur.

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