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Nursery Background

Nursery Services Section of BCTS is responsible for ensuring a supply of seedlings for the reforestation of Crown Lands administered and replanted by the Ministry of Forests. This includes lands which are re-stocked under BCTS, areas destroyed by fire and pest damage or other catastrophic losses, and backlog land. The Nursery Services section of BC Timber Sales was formed from the contract administration section of the former Nursery and Seed Operations Branch, which in turn was created in 1994 from Nursery Services section and the Tree Seed Centre, components of the former Silviculture Branch.

Forest Seedling Contracts for seedlings grown for Ministry reforestation programs are administered by the branch headquarters in Victoria in conjunction with 2 zone administration offices in Surrey and Vernon with a technician in Prince George.

As part of the seedling contracting process, Seedling Stock Specification and Commercial Equivalent Rate tables are developed each year and are constantly being updated.

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Seedling culture, nursery pest management, and general nursery expertise are extended to the industry by staff at Nursery Services offices.

Nursery Services maintains an active role in systems which were originally developed by the Ministry to assist in various seed and seedling activities:  SPAR (Seed Planning & Registry System) and  NSA (Nursery and Shipping Administration System).

BCTS Nursery Services maintains an active role in the Forest Nursery Association of B.C.

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