Ministry Headquarters/Branch Web Sites

  • WWW – World Wide Web – public access
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol – FTP Server Guide
  • TEL – Telephone Directory – includes addresses and email
Executive Operations TEL
Communications Office TEL
Correspondence Services TEL
FrontCounterBC (ADM South Area) WWW TEL
Range, Invasive Plants & Ecosystem Restoration Branch (ADM South Area) WWW FTP TEL
Corporate Initiatives Division
Corporate Initiatives Division TEL
Business Initiatives Branch TEL
Coordinated Authorizations Branch TEL
Legislation Branch TEL
Major Projects Branch WWW TEL
Strategic Initiatives Branch TEL
Integrated Resource Operations Division
Integrated Resource Operations Division TEL
Archaeology Branch WWW FTP TEL
Compliance & Enforcement Branch WWW FTP TEL
Heritage Branch WWW FTP TEL
Mountain Resorts Branch WWW FTP TEL
Recreation Sites & Trails WWW TEL
Wildfire Management Headquarters WWW FTP TEL
Resource Stewardship Division
Resource Stewardship Division WWW TEL
Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Management WWW TEL
Forest Analysis & Inventory Branch WWW FTP TEL
Resource Management Objectives Branch TEL
Resource Practices Branch WWW FTP TEL
Tree Improvement Branch WWW FTP TEL
Water Management Branch TEL
Water Stewardship Branch WWW TEL
Tenures, Competitiveness & Innovation Division
Tenures, Competitiveness & Innovation Division TEL
Crown Land Opportunities & Restoration Branch WWW TEL
Compensation & Business Analysis Branch TEL
Competitiveness & Innovation Branch WWW TEL
Forest Tenures Branch WWW FTP TEL
Land Tenures Branch WWW FTP TEL
Timber Operations, Pricing & First Nations Division
Timber Operations, Pricing & First Nations Division TEL
BC Timber Sales (BCTS) WWW FTP TEL
Engineering Branch WWW TEL
First Nations Relations Branch WWW FTP TEL
Timber Pricing Branch WWW FTP TEL