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FS 959A - Right-of-Way Acquisition Request

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The FS 959A (Right-of-Way Requisition Request) is a Shana Informed Filler form. Use this form to request road right-of-way with appropriate information.

Some Hints  
Revision check
. From time to time a new version of the form is published. Please, perhaps weekly, do the following to ensure you have the latest version: From within Shana Informed Filler, when you have a form open, select from the menu View, Revision Status, Check Now. If there is a new version it will fetch it over the internet for you.

FTP and firewalls/proxy servers. Some industry clients have network services that block access to FTP traffic. But Shana Informed Filler uses FTP to fetch new or updated templates. If you have this problem, one work around is to fetch the template manually from https://www.for.gov.bc.ca/ftp/!Project/Shana/  . Download the template into your c:\informed\template directory, then use File, New in Filler to open the form.

Shana Informed Filler will allow you to fill-in forms online, save the form on your local PC or LAN, e-mail the form, digitally sign an electronic signature, and route the form through several recipients. Many of the forms can do extensive calculations or have extensive edits, choice lists, remember previously used values, and other handy time-saving features. Later versions of this form may submit the data to a database. You can find some additional hints in the link as mentioned above, the Shana User Guide.  

For information about the use of this form, please call Bill Clifford at the Resource Tenures and Engineering Branch at (250) 387-8650.
If you need help with the Forms Index, please find the appropriate contact on the Contacts page. You can also contact the NRS Service Desk at 250-952-6801.

August 06, 2014