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FLNR Forest Officer ID Card

Template Instructions


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Ministry of Natural Resource Operations Forest Officer ID Card Templates are now printed by the Ministry of Natural Resource Operations office that needs them on an "as needed" basis.  Be sure you have chosen the card that reflects the position of the employee that receives it.

A photo is required for the ID card.  This can be provided through the use of a digital camera, scanning a paper photo into a digital file, or pasting a paper photo on the card prior to laminating. Laminating can be done in-house if a laminator exists, or through a private company that provides such a service.

Form Instructions

  1. Select the correct template from the forms index.
  2. Open the document in MS Word and fill in the appropriate text fields.
  3. Click on the space reserved for the digital photo (handles will appear).
  4. Select Insert>Picture>From File from the menu above.
  5. Select the photo from the location where it was stored, and then press Insert.
  6. Size the photo to fit.
  7. Print the ID Card on a colour printer and use photo paper if possible.
  8. Cut out the card along the thin black line.
  9. Fold the card exactly in half.  If using photo paper, it may be necessary to score the back to aid in folding, or cut it in two and glue the halves together.
  10. Have the Card Holder sign the card.
  11. Laminate the card.
  12. Trim lamination, if required.

If you need help with the Forms Index, please contact the FLNR Forms Administrator via email at: FSFORMS@Victoria1.gov.bc.ca