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Harvest Billing System (HBS)


The Harvest Billing System (HBS) is a scale data management and invoicing system.  Scaling data is submitted by the Forest Industry to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations electronically or through online entry in HBS.  It supports submission of detail data through XML.  XML format must conform to the XML Schema as-provided in the Technical Specifications section.  Scaling data is validated and stumpage invoices or volume statements are calculated, issued and delivered to clients.

HBS has a number of core business functions.  It allows for:

  • The submission of detail scale data,
  • Resubmission or online correction of scale data,
  • Issuing for stumpage,
  • Override rate management,
  • Reporting on scaling and issuing activities,
  • Profile management,
  • User management,
  • Scale control and anomaly management, and
  • Electronic delivery of invoices and volume statements.

The system has a number of types of users: members of the public, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations staff, industry users involved in the collection and submission of scale data, scale site software vendors and scale data submission agents.  All members of these groups, except the public, are registered HBS users.  To become a registered user of HBS, please obtain a Business BCeID from https://www.bceid.ca/ then see Industry Information for Connecting to HBS for more details on how to connect.

If you encounter any difficulties in using HBS, the NRS Service Desk (NRS) or Billing Business Support (BBS) Desk may be able to assist you. 

Hours of operation are 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday (PST).

Toll Free 1-866-952-6801 (NRS)
1-877-387-8349 (BBS)
In Victoria 250-952-6801 (NRS)
250-387-8349 (BBS)
Fax250-387-9738 (BBS)
Email nrsenquiries@gov.bc.ca (NRS)
FORHVAP.BillingBusSprt@gov.bc.ca (BBS)