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  • Inventory Section 2015/16 Annual Report [download]

  • Status of British Columbia's Provincial Forest Inventory Jun2 2015 (posted 17 November 2015) [download]

  • Inventory Section 2014/15 Annual Report [download]

  • Digital VRI air photo program for 2015

    This summer the inventory section plans to acquire air photos totalling approximately 4.6 million ha for future VRI phase1 projects in the Merritt TSA, Prince George district and parts of the Cassiar TSA. Project deliverables will include digital photography at approximately 20 to 30 cm ground scale distance (GSD), 4 band (red, green, blue and nir IR) stereo imagery and orthophotos. A new DEM will be created as well as digital surface and canopy height models created from a semi-automated stereo-matching process. Shape files (proposed) of the areas to be flown can be accessed through the following link [download here: Cassiar; Cassiar_Photo_Strip; Merritt; Prince George ]. Any questions please contact Ann Morrison 250.953.3625 ( at FAIB or Harald Steiner 250.952.6578 at GeoBC (

  • Forest Analysis and Inventory Business Plan 2014-2015 (posted 6 October 2014) [download]
  • Inventory Section 2013-2014 Annual Report (posted 18 June 2014) [download]
  • Forest Analysis and Inventory Business Plan 2013-2014 (posted 3rd March 2014) [download]
  • Inventory Section 2012/13 Annual Report [download]
  • Forest Inventory Strategic Plan February 2013 (posted 22 February 2013) [download]
  • Forest Analysis and Inventory Branch Business Plan 2012-2013 [download]
  • Approach of the inventory program in 2012-13 to improve inventory information in MPB-affected management units [download]
  • Inventory Section 2011/12 Annual Report [download]
  • 2012-2013 Draft Inventory Plan for Major Projects [download]
  • Protection of Ministry Permanent Sample Plots.  For more details go to this link [enter]

News from the Inventory Section, Forest Analysis and Inventory Branch, Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations
  • Inventory Section Newsletter June 2016 [download] (posted 6th June 2016)
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  • Inventory Section Newsletter October 2011 [download] (posted 12 October 2011)
  • Inventory Section Newsletter June 2011 [download]

  • FLNRO Forest Inventory and GY Program (presentation to NSC January 2015) [download] (posted 12 February 2015)
  • FLNRO Inventory and GY Program (presentation to SISCO March 2013) [download] (posted 28 March 2013)
  • From Pixels to Trees: the Art of Remote Sensing in the Digital Age [download] (posted on 6th March 2012)
  • Improving inventory in MPB units in 2012 [download] (posted on 17th January 2012)
  • Forest Analysis and Inventory Branch Business Plan 2011 [download]
  • Forest Analysis and Inventory Branch Business Plan Report for the 2010/11 Fiscal Year (Accomplishment Report) [download]
  • Inventory Discussion, Forest Practices Board September 15, 2011  [download] (posted 12 October 2011)