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Quesnel Timber Supply Area (TSA)

The Quesnel TSA covers approximately 1.28 million hectares and includes the city of Quesnel, and the communities of Red Bluff, Barlow Creek, Dragon Lake and Bouchie Lake.  Other communities within the Quesnel TSA include Wells in the east, and Nazko and Kluskus villages in the west.

The Quesnel TSA is located in the northern part of the Cariboo Natural Resource Region, lying in the Fraser Basin and the Interior Plateau between the Coast Mountains on the west and the Cariboo Mountains on the east.  To the west of Quesnel and of the Fraser plateau, the TSA includes the Itcha-Illgachuz mountain ranges, to the east lie the Quesnel Highlands, Barkerville, and the Cariboo River.   The Quesnel TSA is administered by the Quesnel Natural Resource District.

Current Timber Supply Review (TSR)

The current allowable annual cut (AAC) for the Quesnel TSA is 2,607,000 cubic metres, effective June 16, 2017.

This AAC will remain in effect until a new AAC is determined which must take place within 10 years of this determination, unless postponed in accordance with Section 8(3.1) of the Forest Act.

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