Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Remote Sensing and Geo-Spatial Applications

Mountain Pine Beetle Impact Mapping

A series of thematic maps have been produced to support FFT in the identification of areas with high potential for application of FFT activities, also known as the FFT footprint. These maps show MPB impact (attack status and severity) together with other key information for 2007 and 2008. Attack status information for the 2008 update is based upon new improved remote sensing change detection technology, for which an overview has been provided.

These maps are cut to management unit boundaries and consist of information that would be most useful to FFT staff and recipient agreement holders (RAHs) based on feedback received: attack status, attack intensity, pine age, pine density and site productivity.

MPB Draft GIS Data Dictionary [download]

Provincial Site Productivity Layer [here]

Years available:

  • 2007 MPB Impact Mapping [enter]
  • 2008 MPB Impact and Opportunity Mapping [enter]
  • 2009 MPB Impact Mapping  [enter]
  • 2011 MPB Impact Mapping [enter]