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Voucher Specimen Collection,
Preparation, Identification and Storage
Protocol: Plants & Fungi

Standards for Components of
British Columbia's Biodiversity No. 4b

Prepared by:
Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks
Resources Inventory Branch
for the Terrestrial Ecosystems Task Force
Resources Inventory Committee

June 9, 1999
Version 2.0

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Table of Contents




1. Introduction

2. Protocol Overview

3. Vascular and Non-vascular Plants

4. Fungi


References - General

List of Figures

Figure 1. Example of a BC Conservation Data Centre collection label (actual size).
Figure 2. BC Conservation Data Centre Field Observation Form.
Figure 3. Plant press with cardboard and collection sheets.
Figure 4. Plant drier with plant press set up.
Figure 5. Collaborator collection slip.

List of Tables

Table 1. Initial plant preparation costs (per herbarium sheet).
Table 2. Maintenance costs for a 5 year period per herbarium sheet.
Table 3. Materials used for storing fungi specimens.

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