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Inventory Methods for
Terrestrial Arthropods
Standards for Components of British Columbia's Biodiversity No. 40

Prepared by
Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks
Resources Inventory Branch
for the Terrestrial Ecosystems Task Force
Resources Inventory Committee

October 19, 1998
Version 2.0

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Table of Contents




1. Introduction

2. Inventory Group

3. Protocols




List of Figures
Figure 1 Design and construction of a Malaise trap. (From Martin 1977).
Figure 2 Design and construction of a standard window trap. (From Martin 1977).
Figure 3 Design of a standard pitfall trap (from Martin 1977).
Figure 4 Multiple pitfall traps.
Figure 5 A single Berlese funnel (from Martin 1977).
Figure 6 A mercury vapour trap (from Martin 1977).
Figure 7 A mouth-operated vial aspirator (from Martin 1977).
Figure 8 Design and frame of an "old-fashioned" beating sheet (from Martin 1977).
Figure 9 Design of an advanced beating sheet (Masner pers. comm.).
Figure 10 Details of insect sweep net, showing detachable wire ring and attachment to handle (from Martin 1977).
Figure 11 Diagram of sweep net showing detachable bag (from Milne 1993).

List of Tables
Table 1 Taxa captured by various sampling techniques
Table 2 Initial matching of collecting methods against classification of microhabitats for
            sampling of arthropods (Coddington et al. 1991).
Table 3 Types of inventory surveys, the data forms needed, and the level of intensity of the survey.

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