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Inventory Methods for
Forest and Grassland Songbirds

Standards for Components of British Columbia's Biodiversity No. 15

Prepared for:
Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks
Resources Inventory Branch
for the Terrestrial Ecosystems Task Force
Resources Inventory Committee

March 16, 1999
Version 2.0

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List of Figures

Figure 1. RIC species inventory survey design hierarchy with examples.

Figure 2. Sample layout for a presence/not detected survey of songbirds using a combination of encounter transects and point counts.

Figure 3. Sample schematic map for plotting the location of songbirds during point counts and the corresponding mapping symbols (from Ralph et al. 1993).

Figure 4. Sample spot-map and associated symbols for delineating bird territories during the breeding season (from Bibby et al. 1992, Arbib 1970*).

List of Tables

Table 1. Major taxonomic families of songbirds in British Columbia that can be inventoried with survey techniques recommended in this manual.

Table 2. Acceptable and unacceptable weather conditions for songbird surveys.

Table 3. Types of inventory surveys, the data forms needed, and the level of intensity of the survey.

Table 4. RIC objectives and analysis methods for presence/not detected data.

Table 5. RIC objectives and analysis methods for relative abundance data.

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