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Inventory Methods for Pikas and Sciurids:
Pikas, Marmots, Woodchuck, Chipmunks and Squirrels

Standards for Components of British Columbia's
Biodiversity No.29

Prepared by
Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks
Resources Inventory Branch
for the Terrestrial Ecosystems Task Force
Resources Inventory Commitee

December 1, 1998
Version 2.0

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Table of Contents




1. Introduction

2. Inventory Group

3. Protocols



List of Figures

Figure 1. RIC species inventory survey design hierarchy with examples.
Figure 2. An example of a straight line fixed-width transect layout illustrating direct animal observation and sign sampling (adapted from Hatler 1991). Actual transect width may vary.

List of Tables

Table 1. List of pikas and sciurids found in British Columbiaa
Table 2. Species distribution relative to biogeoclimatic zones a
Table 3. Types of inventory surveys, the data forms needed, and the level of intensity of the survey.
Table 4. RIC objectives and analysis methods for presence/not detected data.
Table 5. RIC objectives and analysis methods for relative abundance data
Table 6. Sources for sample size calculation

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