RISC: Copyright Information


Copyright of all RISC documents belongs to the Crown. Quotes from RISC publications should be documented in the recognized manner. A copyright waiver must be requested in writing for use of substantial portions of any manual.

For clarification on RISC copyright regulations please note:

Use of RISC Copyrighted Material in Non-Ministry Publications

For permission to reproduce RISC materials for inclusion in other works:

  • if the request is to reproduce less than 1% of the item, authors do not need to ask;
  • if the request is to reproduce up to 5% of a document, it is not deemed substantive and RISC generally grants permission on a one-time only basis;
  • if the request is to use a substantive part of a publication, the procedures are:
    • Requesters must purchase the item from Queen's Printer if it is available in print format.
    • If RISC material will be used to create a new publication, the ministry must be involved in the technical review to ensure that RISC content is not changed, and
    • If that item is to be sold, the ministry asks for a number of copies of the final publication to be distributed within the ministry.

For instance, if you are quoting extensively from the RISC manuals (i.e., more than 1 page) then permission to quote is necessary. A written request is to be sent to the RISC Committee outlining in detail: what you intend to quote; where material is extracted from; and state that the material is for a one-time only use. The excerpts must be fully cited in foot note and literature cited.

You may be requested to submit your final product for technical review to the RISC Committee.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding copyright, please send an e-mail to the RISC Publications Coordinator.

BC Government Copyright Information

For more information on the copyright policies of the Government of British Columbia, please see the BC Government Copyright page.