RISC: Alphabetical List of Background Documents


The titles listed below are not linked to the actual documents. Please click the appropriate Task Force hyperlink to download the publication (PDF file) or to order a hard copy through Queen's Printer.

Background Documents: A

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
Analysis and Conclusions Regarding Culture, Recreation and Tourism Resource Inventories in British Columbia Culture May 1992 7680000722
Application of RIC Standards in Fish and Habitat Surveys Conducted by the Forest Industry in Coastal BC Aquatic May 2001  
Aquatic Ecozone System - Version 1 - User Manual Aquatic Mar. 1998  
Aquatic Habitat Classification: Literature Review Towards Development of a Classification System for BC - Discussion Document Aquatic Mar. 1994 7680001664
Archaeological Predictive Modelling, An Assessment Culture Apr. 1993 7680000717

Background Documents: B

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
Bibliography of Air Quality British Columbia  Atmos Nov. 1996 7680000546
Bibliography of Meteorology and Climatology British Columbia Atmos Nov. 1996 7680000545
British Columbia Air Quality Monitoring Networks Draft Version 3 Atmos Nov. 1996 7680000732

Background Documents: C

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
Change Management Policy for Geographic/Land-Related Data Products and Standards (Version 2.0) N/A Oct. 1998 N/A
Climatological, Meteorological and Air Quality Products Summary Atmos Nov. 1996 7680000543
Coastal Information Resource Inventory Version 1.0 Coastal May 1993 7680000773
Coastal Resource Inventory Review Coastal May 1992 7680000723
Collecting and Preserving Aquatic Plants Aquatic May 1994 7680000733
Compendium of Recommended Keys for British Columbia Freshwater Organisms:
  • Part 1 - Freshwater Keys
  • Part 2 - Taxonomic Bibliography of Literature Pertaining to the Freshwater Organisms of British Columbia
  • Part 3 - Classification Scheme of Freshwater Aquatic Organisms
Aquatic   7680000676

Background Documents: D

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
Description of British Columbia Meteorological Networks Atmos Nov. 1996 7680000542

Background Documents: E

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
An Ecozone Classification For Lakes and Streams of British Columbia:  Version 1.0 Aquatic Jan. 1998  

Background Documents: F

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
Final Report from the Vegetation Inventory Working Group on a Proposed New Inventory TeVeg Mar. 1995 7680000729

Background Documents: G

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
A Guide for the Selection of Standard Methods for Quantifying Sportfish Habitat Capability and Suitability in Streams and Lakes of BC Aquatic Mar. 1994 7680000665

Background Documents: I

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
An Introduction and Key to the Freshwater Calanoid Copepods (Crustacea) of British Columbia Aquatic Mar. 1994  
Identification Keys to the Aquatic Plants of British Columbia Aquatic Apr. 1994 7680000620
Index Sites for Aquatic Ecoregions of British Columbia Aquatic Jan. 1999  
Indicators of Fish Sustainability: Managed and Rare Fish in Forest Environments Aquatic Apr. 2002  
Inventory Needs for Including the Maintenance of Biodiversity in Planning: The Results of Province-wide Interviews TeBioDiv May 1992 7680000724
Inventory of Existing Biological Diversity Databases for British Columbia TeBioDiv May 1992 7680000549

Background Documents: M

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
Marine Sampling Methods Used in the Georgia Basin and Strait of Juan de Fuca by Canadian Scientists Version 1.0 Coastal Jun. 1996 7680000716
Monitoring Land Use Impacts on fish Sustainability in Forest Environments Aquatic Mar. 2002  

Background Documents: P

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
A Preliminary Survey of Fisheries Information Collected by Forest Companies Operating in Coastal B.C. Aquatic May 1992  
Predictive Modelling and the Existing Archaeological Inventory in BC Culture Mar. 1993 7680000776
Proceedings of the 1994 Salmon Escapement Workshop plus an Annotated Bibliography on Escapement Estimation Aquatic 1995 7680000731
Provincial Site Series Mapping Codes and Typical Environmental Conditions TeEcol Apr. 1998 N/A

Background Documents: R

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #

Raster Standard
Common Raster Cell Origin, Shape and Sizes Standard for Government of British Columbia

Other April 2008 Internet Only
A Review of Habitat Capacity for Salmon Spawning and Rearing Aquatic Jul. 1993 7680000730
A Review of Range and Wildlife Habitat Inventory in BC TeEcol Jun. 1992 7680000726
Report of the Fisheries Inventory Task Force on Fisheries Conservation and Management Inventories for the Future Aquatic May 1992 7680000721
Report of the Geology, Soils and Archaeology Task Force to the Resources Inventory Committee EarthSci May 1992 7680000720
Report of the Timber Inventory Task Force on the Current Timber Inventory with Recommendations for the Future TeVeg Apr. 1992 7680000783
Report of the Water and Watershed Task Force for the Resource Inventory Committee Aquatic May 1992 7680000727

Background Documents: S

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
A Selected Bibliography on Biodiversity TeBioDiv May 1992 7680000725
A Survey of Fisheries Information Collected by Forest Companies in the Interior of B.C. Aquatic Apr. 1993  
Standard Methods for Sampling Resources and Habitats in Coastal Subtidal Regions of British Columbia: Part 1 Review of Mapping with Preliminary Recommendations Coastal Apr. 1996 7680000737
Standard Methods for Sampling Resources and Habitats in Coastal Subtidal Regions of British Columbia: Part 2 Review of Sampling with Preliminary Recommendations Coastal Apr. 1996 7680000736

Background Documents: T

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
Toward Development of 1:20 000 Scale Tourism Resource Inventories Standards Culture Mar. 1997  

Background Documents: V

Document NameTask ForceDateQP Stock #
Vegetation Resources Inventory (VRI) Sample Selection Procedures for Ground Sampling Version 3.3 TeVeg Dec. 2002  
Errata 1.0 - Vegetation Resources Inventory Sample Selection Procedures for Ground Sampling v3.3 TeVeg April
Vegetation Resources Inventory Preparing a Sampling Plan for Ground Sampling Version 1.0 TeVeg Mar. 1997 7680000628