Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Forest Analysis and Inventory

The Forest Analysis and Inventory Branch (FAIB) key functions include:

  1. Collecting and maintaining current forest inventories for the province.

  2. Monitoring the growth of stands and providing models to project stand development and future yield.

  3. Providing information and analysis to support policy development, strategic and statutory decision making for the natural resource sector.

  4. Providing analytical support services including data collection and strategic analysis for the natural resource sector.

The analysis section:

  • provides information and analysis to support statutory decision making and policy development for the ministry and its clients;

  • provides data management, research and statistical services to support strategic analyses for the natural resource sector.

Research, data and analysis represent key components for informed decision making.  These decision support services enable managers to enlarge the decision space and ultimately make better decisions.  The analysis section in FAIB is widely regarded as the authority on forest analysis in British Columbia (BC).


The inventory section:

  • collects, manages, and makes available forest inventory information for BC; and

  • develops and makes available stand growth and yield models.

These two components, stand growth models and forest inventory information, are essential to modern forest management.  The inventory section is the dominant provider (and in many cases the sole provider) of these tools and information in BC. 


What's New

Mid-Term Timber Supply

Mid-Term Timber Supply Project

In response to concerns expressed by local communities, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations staff have been analyzing potential opportunities to increase timber supply.

A draft summary of detailed technical analyses for the Lakes, Prince George, Quesnel and Williams Lake timber supply areas has been prepared. This draft report is just one piece of information that government will be examining.

A fulsome public dialogue will commence shortly to consider how best to mitigate the economic impacts of the mountain pine beetle.

  • Provincial Forest Cover Data posted to LRDW — The Forest Analysis and Inventory Branch is pleased to announce that a new release of the Provincial Forest Cover Data, also know as Vegetation Resource Inventory (VRI), is currently available in the Land Resource Data Warehouse (LRDW).  Detailed information about this release can be found at VRI Data Management.

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