Welcome to SPAR


This is the Hompage of SPAR.  From the Homepage, you can navigate to any function of SPAR.

This help page explains the Homepage.  If you wish to examine the Table of Contents of the SPAR Online Help Guide, click the Show link in the top left corner of this browser.


The Homepage allows you to efficiently navigate to the function of SPAR you wish to work with.

How to:

  1. Click on any of the main menu's that you wish to navigate to.  Each menu has a list of functions.

  2. Select the function that meets your needs.

Some of the functions, have additional sub-functions.  If the function you are selecting has an arrow next to it, another sub-function menu will appear when you highlight the item.  You can then select the sub-function that meets your needs.


Detailed Help:

In this mock-up form click on the underlined name of a field.  A popup window appears with explanations and info on codes.











Welcome to the Seed Planning and Registry (SPAR) Web Application!







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