Overview - Registration & Parent Tree

The Registration function allows you to register a lot collected from a natural stand or parent trees in SPAR.

The data entry forms include:

The Parent Tree function contains many forms which allow you to track data related to Parent Trees.  

The data entry forms include:  

Note that you can also navigate to the Local Test No Search form from the Parent Tree Test and Parent Tree Genetic Quality forms.

When you are first entering information for a Parent Tree, it is highly recommended that you enter the information in the following order:

  1. Enter details of the Parent Tree on the Parent Tree Maintenance Form.

  2. Enter the areas the Parent Tree will be used (Seed Planning Units) on the Parent Tree Area of Use Form.

  3. Enter Local Tests and associated Series on the Parent Tree Test Form.

  4. Enter test results related to Genetic Traits on the Parent Tree Genetic Quality Form.

  5. Enter the Parent Tree Orchard, where seeds/cuttings will be produced, on the Parent Tree Orchard Form.