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Woodlot for Windows AAC Program

Woodlot for Windows (Woodlot) is timber supply software used to calculate harvest rates on Woodlot Licences, Community Forest Agreements, and First Nations Woodland Licences in British Columbia.  The software and user guide are available at no charge.  The most recent version of Woodlot, Version 4.2, (released April 2016) replaces Woodlot 4.1 (July 2014) and has a number of upgrades and enhancements including new analysis features in the Polygon View, Tabular View, Map View, as well as other general enhancements (refer to Appendix 9  of the user manual for a synopsis of updates).

Woodlot 4.2 can be directly installed from the link on this website.    BC Government users who have had their workstationsrefreshedhave the flexibility to install Woodlot 4.2 subject to increased responsibilities and obligations – see Service Bulletin 457

Woodlot 4.2:   Woodlot4.msi


Support:  Woodlot Support

Note:  Woodlot 4.2 requires the use of Windows operating system Microsoft .Net framework version 4 and will prompt you if there is a need to update your version.   In the event you are prompted to update your system, an updating feature will be activated and will connect you to the Microsoft website for the update; please follow the self updating steps provided.  If you require an upgrade to .Net framework version 4 but do not have a fast internet connection, a copy of the .Net update is available as a redistribution file here:  dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe

Disclaimer:  The harvest levels forecast by Woodlot are only one source of information considered in determining an allowable annual cut (AAC).  FLNRO does not warrant that any of the harvest levels forecast by Woodlot will be the same as the AAC determined by a decision maker.  Users are requested to visit this site often to seek the latest version of the program as FLRNO is not responsible to provide users with notification when the program is updated.  FLNRO is not responsible to provide training on Woodlot. 

The general Province of British Columbia warrantees and limitations of liabilities also apply to Woodlot as stated here:

 Previous Release Versions of Woodlot and Manuals

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