Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Woodlot 4.2 Support

Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) is not responsible to provide training on Woodlot 4.2  However, there are a number of recorded sessions (modules) included below which will provide users with familiarization on using the previous version of Woodlot (4.0).   There is also a comprehensive User’s Manual which users can view or download.

Woodlot licensees or their representatives may obtain Woodlot 4.2 support through Mike Bandstra
Phone: 250-847-4822; fax: 888-273-0209; email:

Woodlot 4.0 - Training Videos:

The following modules are available for download.


Special Items to cover

File Size(Megabytes)

Approximate Time (minutes)

Introduction Introduction to training modules 2.8 6

Module 1

Overview of features, layout and flow of Woodlot 4

  • Comparison to Woodlot 3




Module 2a

 Importing VRI data (.shp)

  • Viewing the VRI data

  • Mapping features in Woodlot 4



Module 2b

 Downloading VRI data from the LRDW

  • Importing data from the LRDW - Data Distribution Services



Module 3

Importing Data (.csv & .txt)

  • Differences between Woodlot 3 vs Woodlot 4 .csv

  • Entering future stand information

  • Importing partial files to update polygons

  • Data not imported via CSV



Module 4

Importing Woodlot 3 file (.lot) 

  • Updating Yields with VDYP 4.3 and TIPSY 7

  • Adjusting the sort order

  • AAC calculations differnences



Module 5

Yield and Silviculture Systems 


  • Clearcut, Partial Cut, Reforest

  • Species, Utilization, Defaults

  • Importing custom yields



Module 6

 Calculation results and reports

  • Harvest priority and order

  • Calculation settings

  • Woodlot graphs

  • Woodlot reports



Module 7

Classifiers and constraints 

  • Creating a classifier

  • Importing classifiers using VRI and CSV

  • Applying constraints to a classifier




 Disclaimer:  The harvest levels forecast by Woodlot are only one source of information considered in determining an allowable annual cut (AAC).  FLNRO does not warrant that any of the harvest levels forecast by Woodlot will be the same as the AAC determined by a decision maker.  Users are requested to visit this site often to seek the latest version of the program as FLRNO is not responsible to provide users with notification when the program is updated.  The general Province of British Columbia warrantees and limitations of liabilities also apply to Woodlot as stated here: