Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Woodlot Licence

A Woodlot Licence is a legal agreement that grants the licence holder exclusive rights to manage and harvest Crown timber within the woodlot licence area.  Woodlot licences are awarded through an advertised, competitive application process.   All eligible applications will be evaluated in accordance with the Forest Act and the Woodlot Licence Regulation.  The following three components of the evaluation will be weighted to determine the scores for each applicant:

o      bonus offer: amount of money offered as a non-refundable lump sum (50 points total possible);

o      private land: amount and proximity to the woodlot licence Crown land (25 points total possible);

o      proximity: of applicant's principle residence to the woodlot licence Crown land (25 points total possible)

In exchange for the right to harvest timber on the Crown portion of the woodlot licence, the licence holder must agree to manage the private land contribution in accordance with provincial forestry legislation such as the Forest and Range Practices Act.  The maximum amount of Crown land that can be included in a woodlot licence is 800 hectares on the coast and 1200 hectares in the interior.  Any amount of private land can be included in a woodlot licence area.